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Bandwidth Management with Identity


ES Series


Bandwidth Management with Identity Reporting

A10 Networks' EX Series is the industry's only bandwidth management appliance with identity-based application visibility. By managing bandwidth and traffic with unprecedented user and application visibility, the EX Series helps organizations of all sizes secure, optimize and scale their network edge and perimeter. By consolidating multiple WAN bandwidth management functions into one optimized management platform, organizations can greatly simplify their management of edge services, and increase performance and reliability for applications.


> Application Bandwidth Manager
> Instant Application & User Visibility
> Traffic Optimization
> Security, Scalability & Reliability

Application Bandwidth Manager

  • Comprehensive Protocol Support
  • Application Protocol Classification
  • Innovative User Based QoS Policies
  • Bandwidth Utilization Reports

Instant Application & User Visibility

  • Identity-Based Application Visibility
  • High Level Data Leakage Monitoring

Traffic Optimization

  • Link Load Balancing

Security, Scalability & Reliability

  • Network IPS
  • Performance
  • Flexible Deployment Options

With the EX Series' advanced Feature chaining capabilities, customers can mix and match EX Series features to customize WAN management solutions to fit their network requirements without sacrificing performance or adding unnecessary latency - unlike implementing point play products from multiple vendors.


etòn needed a better way to manage network bandwidth so that required business applications never suffer in performance. We chose the EX Series from A10 Networks because it allows us to manage bandwidth with unprecedented application and user identity visibility so that we can intelligently provision enough capacity for necessary business applications at all times.
-Asad Sarabi, VP of operations for etòn Corporation

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