Go Beyond SIEM with Unified Security Management

Single-purpose SIEM software and log management tools provide valuable security information, but often require expensive and time-consuming integration efforts to bring in log files from disparate sources such as asset inventory, vulnerability assessment, and IDS products. Once you have the data, you then must research and write correlation rules to identify threats in your environment. These challenges multiply as you migrate workloads and services from on-premises infrastructure to public cloud environments.

For today’s resource-strapped IT teams, the time and expense required to deploy a SIEM seriously delays their time to threat detection, and thus, return on investment.

Unlike other SIEM software, AlienVault® Unified Security Management® (USM) combines powerful SIEM and log management capabilities with other essential security tools—including asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, and intrusion detection—to give you centralized security monitoring of your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments–all from a single pane of glass.

With AlienVault USM, you can start detecting threats in your environment from Day One. That’s because the USM platform includes an extensive and continuously growing library of correlation rules researched and written by the AlienVault Labs Security Research Team. This team of security experts tracks emerging threats in the wild and analyzes the crowd-sourced threat data of the Open Threat Exchange® (OTX™) to continuously update AlienVault USM with the latest security intelligence, so you have an always-up-to-date security monitoring platform.


See the Advantages of All-in-One Security Essentials Versus Traditional SIEM

  •    Save Time and Money in Integrating Multiple Third-Party Security Tools

  •    Start Detecting Threats on Day One with Pre-Written Correlation Rules

  •    Get Continuous Security Intelligence Delivered from AlienVault Labs

Discover a Smarter Way to Prioritize Your Incident Response

  • Use the Kill Chain Taxonomy to Quickly Assess Threat Severity, Intent, and Strategy

  • Remediation Recommendations and Noise Reduction Help You Work More Efficiently

Investigate Threats Deeper with Advanced Security Analytics

  • Search and Analyze Security Data in Highly Granular Ways

  • Dive Deep into Alarms with Unified Asset, Vulnerability, and Event Data

Stay Vigilant with Threat Intelligence Updates from AlienVault Labs

  • Receive Updated Correlation Rules and Threat Context from AlienVault Labs Security Research Team

  • Leverage Community-Sourced Actionable Threat Intelligence from OTX

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  • Antaira
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  • A10Networks
  • Unitrends
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  • Infortrend
  • Netka System
  • Sophos
  • Axway
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