Network management

Intelligent network tools to manage your entire IT system

Carrier grade IT network administrator software for managing, monitoring, network troubleshooting, and network planning for companies with IT set-ups of all sizes.

In the current business landscape, companies and organizations of all sizes need to keep in mind not only ways to generate more revenue, win new business, maintain existing business and keep costs down, but also how to best manage their IT network, an integral part of a company’s competitive edge in the era of borderless business competition.

With internationally accepted standards, NetkaView Network Manager solution was developed specifically for Carrier-Grade network providers and is capable of managing a network on the international gateway provider level.

NetkaView Network Manager is network management software providing fault management, performance management, configuration management, accounting management and security management for multi vendor IP devices e.g. Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, H3C, Huawei, 3Com, Redback, and Foundry. NetkaView Network Manager can manage multi technologies e.g. IP, VLAN, MPLS VPN, VPLS, QoS, IP SLA, NetFlow, sFlow, NBAR. NetkaView Network Manager can manage small network up to service provider network (> 10,000 devices, > 180,000 interfaces).

For companies with large networks who are focused on cost control and time management, the NetkaView Network Manager is an ideal solution. NetkaView Network Manager is the selected choice for those top service-providers in Thailand i.e TOT, CAT, UIH, and KSC to manage their nationwide IP networks. NetkaView Network Manager is also used in the new Bangkok government center and the Government Information Network (GIN). For IP flow accounting technology, NetkaView Network Manager is selected by CAT IDC, True International Gateway (TIG) and KSC Commercial Internet to analyze their traffic flow in multiple 10G international and domestic links.

The network diagnostic tool, which operates on a web-based platform and can be controlled even from a smart phone, works similarly to a ‘manager’ who oversees, controls, checks and makes sure that all the network equipment are functioning properly. While powerful, the software has a user-friendly concept that provides easy management of the network at the touch of a finger. It complies with FCAPS standards as dictated by TMN and ITU-T framework.

The innovative design of the NetkaView Network Manager solution has led to awards and accolades. It was the winner of the Tools and Infrastructure Application award by the both the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance and the Thailand ICT organizations in 2011, and received the Best Telecom Application award from Thailand's Telecommunications Research and Industrial Development Institute in 2010.

NetkaView Network Manager can integrate with NetkaView Server Manager by using single sign-on. You can drill down to see cpu/memory/disk/process utilization of server or PC which connect to any switch port.

NetkaView Network Manager can integrate with NetkaQuartz Service Desk by using single sign-on. You can open case for any interested network event (sysylog or SNMP trap). You can view/update/close case from NetkaView Network Manager.


Features of the NetkaView network analyzer and networking tools

Cost effectiveness and time management

Typically when a company needs to expand its network or buy new equipment, it is also necessary to install network management software for the various types of network equipment, resulting in recurring and unnecessary costs. Using NetkaView Network Manager, companies can minimize unnecessary costs by using the same system to manage various IP devices operating on different Protocols (such as SNMP, Telnet, SSH and ICMP), as well as diverse technologies such as MPLS VPN, MPLS Traffic Engineering, QoS, NetFlow, sFlow, NBAR, IP SLA, PAA and Wireless. 

NNM is capable of storing information of all the newly installed equipment automatically at a speed of 100,000 interfaces per five minutes. 

The advantage of cost effectiveness and time management NNM offers is supported by features, such as Event Suppression, which displays a log in a single line rather than several pages; Event Escalation, which helps you solve network problems on several levels; Event Journal, which records incident details so users can troubleshoot problems promptly; Google Maps Integration, which displays the location of the equipment and details of the network problems that have occurred; and Life-Visio, which provides a real-time network diagram powered by MS Visio that shows the operations of all equipment and the network via a single dashboard.


Maximizing efficiency of upper level management through NNM

Efficient business management and good decision making require accurate and timely processing of all relevant information so as not to miss a beat and stay ahead of the competition in the digital age. Netka products are designed to be user-friendly and can be operated from anywhere in the world from your smart phone thanks to a web-based configuration, resulting in fast services for customers and users. The research and development team created NNM while keeping in mind High Availability standards and redundancy checks. It provides an immediate response for failed databases and links thanks to the sophisticated polling engine failover technology, resulting in a stable network with excellent uptime. 

NNM also increases network management capacity by allowing managers to specify privileges for the web portal in terms of customer, user group, geography or network area. The software analyzes and compiles reports with key information such as the network traffic of each customer, CPU utilization of each department, and equipment error incident reports all within a single dashboard, allowing management to make important decisions swiftly and accurately. 

Multiple reports are available for export in more than 300 formats, including pdf, csv, xml, html, MS Word and MS Excel, providing flexibility and convenience. The reports can be used, for example, to compile a summary of the overall network operation for a presentation to the company board of directors, to evaluate the service performance for customers or to present new network system development plans for potential clients. 


Added value and revenue generator for your business

In today’s business operation, every organization must be able to offer added value to their customers through innovative services or products. Netka offers product features that provides added value for customers. For example, the NNM features the Event Journal, which summarizes all incidents and allows customers access to view their company’s network status. Also, NNM opens new business avenues by allowing you to offer VPN link services or ASDL Broadband services. In addition, top management can stay informed about network performance in relation to customer contracts via a Service Level Agreement reporting feature.

The advantages of NNM in three layers:

1. Element management layer: This involves collecting information on network equipment at the speed of 100,000 interfaces per 5 minutes with the polling and notification information response technique. Aside from the speed, NNM’s intelligence lies in its analysis of the collected information that is compiled in the form of a network diagram, allowing for real-time monitoring. This capability helps ensure the health and performance of the network and significantly reduces the workload of the network operator. 

Network management layer: This is a process in which the information collected in the Element Management layer is analyzed. It is based on:

  • Fault management: This is compatible with all IP equipment that can send data via syslog or trap messages
  • Configuration management: This is compatible with Cisco, Juniper, H3C, Extreme and Accedian network equipment
  • Accounting management: This determines each user’s usage, through flow analysis and NBAR technology
  • Performance management: Compatible with all IP equipment
  • Security management: Compatible with Cisco and Secure ACS (Access Control Server) equipment

Service Management layer: In this process, the information collected in the Network management layer is used for evaluating customer service levels, thereby helping to expand the customer base and increase revenue for the organization:

  • Event correlation: This allows users to know which service is experiencing problems
  • Service provisioning: This analyzes service openings such as Broadband ADSL services, Trunking, and VPN
  • Inventory management: This allows users to access information about all network devices down to the serial number of each piece of equipment
  • SLA & QoS management: This checks the SLA of each equipment and shows traffic utilization, any errors that have occurred within the network or any unusually low or high latency
  • Incident/Change management: These are service management processes that are used within the network

Other Features

Status and Availability

With comprehensive performance monitoring, NetkaView Network Manager (NNM) supports network status and availability monitoring which are highly precise and reliable for both node and interface down-time calculation. On maintenance mode, the preset maintenance down time will not take into account.

  • Node status and availability
  • Interface status and availability
  • Availability maintenance mode


NetkaView Network Manager (NNM) supports wide-range utilization reports, including TopN reports, summary reports, trend reports and statistic reports. The network equipment utilization such as CPU, memory, temperature, response time and packet loss and the network interface utilization such as packet and traffic data will be displayed in chart and grid table.

  • Interface traffic, error, discard
  • Unicast, multicast, broadcast, non-unicast packet statistic
  • Node CPU and memory utilization
  • Network response time and packet lost with ping/hop statistic

Inventory and Firmware Configuration

In term of configuration management, NetkaView Network Manager (NNM) supports historical configuration data and change management, user able to view, compare, upload, update firmware or show current configuration of the manageable network equipment. The inventory reports show the equipment and all modules that equipped with it.

  • Inventory for hardware component and software version
  • Configuration backup/view/search/compare
  • Automated log collector with scheduler and Log Parser


NetkaView Network Manager (NNM) MPLS Module is a complete MPLS provisioning and monitoring tool for ISP user, the current version supports MPLS VPN configuration from PE to CE and automatically collect VRF data from network equipment. ISP user can provide MPLS VPN web portal to their customers as a value added service and let them see their own actual VPN traffic and availability.

  • MPLS VPN Fault Management and Provisioning
  • VPN Network Diagram


NetkaView Network Manager deliver powerful fault management capability, the network failure or network statistic that exceed the threshold limit can be alerted via e-mail, SMS or open ticket (with NetkaQuartz integration)

  • Alarm thresholds (status, CPU, memory, traffic, error, discard)
  • Alert via SMS, email, trap or Syslog

Web Access Interface

With user-friendly and easy-to-use web-based application, NetkaView Network Manager (NNM) provide web portal for network administrator to specify the privilege for each user to view and access management data. The privilege can be specified by geographic area, province, location, VPN, or user level. So that user can see only necessary report and management data.

  • Web portal by VPN
  • Web portal by user level (privilege)
  • Web portal by geographic (e.g. region, province, location)


NetkaView Network Manager (NNM) introduces wide-variety of report and monitoring for network equipment and network interface aspect.

  • Various export format (pdf, csv, xml, html, word, excel)
  • Historical data (in Database)
  • TopN report (CPU, memory, traffic (%, bps, pps), error, discard)
  • Interface Summary Report by hourly, daily, monthly, yearly
  • (Utilization/Availability/Status Change Log) in one report
  • Packet Summary Report
  • Auto Report Generator
  • Customize and develop new report with Crystal Reports
  • IP SLA, NetFlow, sFlow, NBAR reports

Key advantages of NetkaView networking software

  • Allows users to manage multi-vendor IP devices and multi-networking technologies in a single product
  • Proactively monitors and notifies users when a network has above-threshold utilization levels and when network performance is low
  • Sends alerts about a network's health or potential problems in terms of alarms, status updates, utilization levels, usage spikes, errors or other quality issues
  • Summarizes the overall network status, utilization, top N statistic, network quality and events via a convenient dashboard interface with drill-down information
  • Provides the ability to handle a large number of network events using top-class event management and tools including Event Suppression, Event Correlation, Event Holding, Event Escalation, Event Journal, Auto Event Clearing and Root Cause Analysis
  • Assists users in troubleshooting network and user application problems by providing top-class traffic and network analysis
  • Includes more than 30 monitoring dashboards and 300 out-of-the-box reports
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