Email Security

A Bullet-proof Approach to Secure Collaboration

In today’s business environment, your corporate email and file sharing security strategy is only as strong as its weakest link. The fact is that it doesn’t do much good to lock all the doors if you leave a window open.

But, email and file sharing security isn’t a one-way street. Preventing unsolicited and potentially malicious intrusions is essential, but savvy administrators also recognize the need to protect sensitive enterprise data, proprietary files and intellectual property from leaking out. It’s a veritable one-two punch, and the risk multiplies as the volume of data flowing into and out of your enterprise network increases.

Axway MailGate SC™, with the Axway DropZone™ option, provides complete email protection that leaves no gaps in inbound defenses or outbound security. Combining network protection, policy-based content filtering, automated encryption, and collaborative file sharing services in a single solution reduces administrative headaches, infrastructure costs, and the liabilities associated with unprotected and unmanaged business communications.

MailGate SC with DropZone adds multiple layers of security to your existing collaboration network — without requiring changes to your enterprise systems, applications, protocols, or end-user workflows. MailGate SC’s flexible architecture lets you select the specific levels of inbound and outbound protection, encryption and file sharing services you need now, while making it simple to add new capabilities as your security requirements evolve.

For secure collaborative file sharing – Support sharing of files internally and externally (including files shared via mobile devices), and remove the risks associated with consumer-grade cloud file sharing services with Axway DropZone. DropZone provides an enterprise-class alternative to consumer-grade file sharing, enabling you to support the adoption of BYOD and empower employees to access data via their preferred devices without the risk of sensitive data being exposed in a public cloud or ending up in the wrong hands.

For inbound email – Reduce network congestion and enhance employee productivity with antispam and virus protection, including zero-hour virus outbreak defense, and Intelligent Edge Defense against dark traffic.

For outbound email – Minimize liability, ensure compliance, and improve governance with centralized, proactive content filtering, policy enforcement, and multiple encryption options to protect against accidental data exposure, corporate policy infractions, unintentional blunders, and regulatory violations.



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